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Prologue Comics

Publishing online comics since 2007, Prologue Comics has helped indie comic creators publish their work in print and online for half a decade.

From single-run graphic novels, to comic book series, to webcomics published daily, Prologue Comics helps connect artists, writers, printers and web experts together to make great comics.

Started by artist Ryan Archer, Prologue Comics has been involved with over a dozen indie comic titles, which can be found at Buy Indie Comics.

These artists are so talented, several have gone on to work for mainstream publishers like Dark Horse and DC.

Though print comics have been a big part of Prologue Comics, it's our webcomics that make us a unique publishing group.

You can view samples of the comics we've helped create below.

Most of our projects are owned by other creators who just need assistance in taking their comics to the next level. However, here are some of the comics created by Prologue Comics over the years:

  • Lazy Bones Webcomic; running from 2007 until present.

    Started in 2007, the Lazy Bones webcomic was the first publishing project for Prologue Comics.

    Originally hosted on the Prologue Comics website, Lazy Bones moved to its own site in early 2008 when it started receiving over a thousand views.

    Created by artist Ryan Archer, Lazy Bones is about two gamer fanboys who can't seem to stay out of comically heightened trouble.

    The comic saw respectable success, receiving some online comic awards and honorable mentions along with being featured at the San Diego Comic Con Art Showcase in 2009.

    The comic has also seen limited print publishing over the years in its three issues: "The Fan-Tastics," "Ex-Friends" and the "Wrath of Comic Con."

    It was originally a daily comic running Monday through Friday. After reaching its 1,000th comic, artist and creator Ryan Archer chose to slow down publication in order to pursue other projects.

  • LEGO Unleashed Webcomic; ran from 2008 until 2009.

    This project was created shortly before the release of the Star Wars console game, The Force Unleashed.

    Originally created as a not-for-profit project, the comic was meant to fill the role left vacant by a lack of LEGO-themed comics.

    As the project's namesake game saw ever-mounting criticism and a great lack of success, viewership for the comic fell and the project was ended during its second issue.

    This project is unlikely to start up again.

  • Hunter's Trail Graphic Novel; originally published in 2011.

    A single-issue printed comic book published in 2011 with a limited release at conventions and comic shops across Northern America.

    Originally intended to become a webcomic, the story focused on a bounty hunter who becomes attached to the target he's been hunting, only to find himself standing between her and his former employer.

    The comic was well received with all copies either sold or distributed at conventions. Unfortunately the two creators parted ways to pursue other projects.

    Due to the excellent response to its original release, there has been discussion about reprinting the single-issue comic book in the future if enough comic shops agree to carry it.

Here's the latest news about Prologue Comics and its projects.

The New Site

September, 2011

Well guys I'm excited to announce that Prologue's finally got a new site and a new look.

It's been four years since we started with our first webcomic project "Lazy Bones" in 2007, and we're proud to announce Lazy Bones has reached its 1000th webcomic published.

And on the heels of this big accomplishment we'll be announcing in November a special project we've been working on with comedy writer Matt McInnis.

We're very excited about this new project, as well as a few others that we'll be revealing later on next year.

So keep checking back here at